This is our time saving trick to create patterns with custom brushes in GIMP.

This is a great tool for quickly making simple, non-repeating patterns using GIMP.

  • Create two new images using Ctrl+N (1x pattern, 1x image/motif)
  • Set the size and resolution with 150ppi, or 150 dpi
  • Choose a background color for your pattern
  • Copy your motif to the clipboard using Ctrl+C, and  use this image as your paintbrush
  • Fill the surface of your pattern with this image
  • Move the image to a new position on the X and Y axes to bring the borders to the center and again fill in the center of the image with the paintbrush
You're done! Save it! Celebrate! Upload it! Celebrate again!
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Last update on 2018-04-26 by Ellie Mutchler.