How about organic prints?

cotton plant - we offer organic cotton, too

We offer some organic cotton fabrics. Those are purchased as G.O.T.S. fabrics. The dyes we use are suitable for eco-prints, too. Stoffn and your ustom printed fabric is not certified for G.O.T.S. or ÖkoTex Standard.

Stoff'n opposes mass production. We try to support creativity and give you the chance to get your custom printed fabric without a minimum order. All our fabrics are printed on demand to avoid waste and overstock. Yet this is just a minor relief compared to the huge amount of water and energy needed to grow and process cotton. There is something you can do to help reduce the ecological footprint:

We love fabric. Please cherish your fabric, use every bit of it, wear and care for it as long as possible.

Last update on 2018-11-25 by stoff'n.