Use PixlrExpress to create photo collage for your next Fat Quarter. screen shot - Image editing apps

This app is perfect for anyone who wants to compile several photograps to make a pillow for Grandma or a family patchwork quilt. It lets you make a nice collage in no time, and you can save money to print your collage on a fat quarter instead of ordering each image as a separate text print

PixlrExpress - Collage PixlrExpress - Collage PixlrExpress - Collage

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The app is totally user-friendly and intuitive. For a photo collage just click or tap on the collage icon and select a raster, for example, 3x3 photos. By tapping on the raster field you can get photos directly from your tablet or smartphone and easily scale and place them with your finger.

The proportions are also easy to change: you can use square, landscape and portrait formats. It's also possible to add a variety of filters, effects and text. I'm a bit of a purist, so I didn't use a filter in my test, but there are lots of cool options to try out!

The last step is to save your work. Here you are also able to define the image size. Scaling it larger is not possible, which is actually a good thing as it means that your photos will stay nice and sharp and un-pixely. In my test I used a fairly low quality image, with only 3200 x 3200 pixels, which translates to about 54 x 54 cm. I scaled it a bit smaller, to 50cm (2950 pixels), so that it would fit nicely onto a fat quarter.

mein Foto-Fat-Quarter mit Pixlr-Express

mein erster PixlrExpress-Test "9x-Orange" als Fat Quarter

The maximum image length or width is around 4000 pixels, or about 68cm, but it's possible that you might not have enough space on your tablet or smartphone to save an image that large. How big an image you can save depends on the capacity that your individual device has.

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