How can I publish my patterns? What if I don't want anyone to see my designs?

This is all up to you. By default all uploads are private and only you can see them.

You can publish your designs

Then others can see them. To put designs on sale a test print is required first. See How may others purchase fabric with my design?.

To publish just click the Show All button either under My Designs, the overview on the right-hand side or on the detail page for that motif. Give the design a few keywords and select a style to help people search for it. Then confirm that you own the copyright and usage rights. Non-original designs such as logos, film and cartoon characters or emblems cannot be published since they belong to a company, organisation, etc, and this might potentially cause some problems.

You can make any public design private whenever you want, in which case your motif will once again only be visible to you when you are signed in to your account.

To change the settings of a design open its menu and click settings In the design settings you can publish, withdraw and put your design on sale, if you've previously made a test print

Joining a pattern contest

If you upload a design for a stoff'n design contest then the design is automatically visible for others to see on the website. The jury for these contests is the whole stoff'n community who will vote online for their favourite!

You can withdraw anytime

Stoff'n makes it easy to publish your unique designs if you like, but we certainly won't force you!

As mentioned before uploads are private by default. If you have published a design you can withdraw any time. Click the settings an change them.



Last update on 2018-11-25 by Ellie Mutchler.