How may others purchase fabric with my design?

Once you have printed a design and confirmed that it looks just as great on fabric as it does on your screen then you have the option to release that design for others to use. As soon as the test-image has been sent you will see a new Offer button which will let others order your design. Use a few keywords to describe the content of your motif and sort into a fitting category to make it easier for people to find and buy!

These are the two options you have in general. To put your design on sale you need to order a test print first. As soon as we've shipped this order you will find to new options in your settings.

As the designer you'll get rewarded for your work: depending on the amounts ordered, a portion of each sale will be added to your account and can be used by you either as a credit for a future stoff'n purchase or, if it's 50€ or more, can be transferred back to you via Paypal.

Sizes, Points & Value

fat quarter 25 0,75 €
running meter 100 3,00 €


Starting from a value of 10€ the points you've earned can be converted into a gift certificate in 10€-steps. Extra points will stay on your account.

Starting from a value of 50€ we also offer the option to transfer the money to you via paypal. Please note that stoff'n has no influence over whether or not Paypal charges a transaction fee.

You can remove your designs from the marketplace at any time and make them private. Orders that have been placed by others up until the time that you remove the design will still be produced and shipped to those customers.



Last update on 2018-11-25 by Ellie Mutchler.