Size & Measurement Tolerance

All stoff'n textiles are made from natural fibers, which can change size throughout production. During washing the textile is stretched lengthwise, as it is pulled through the machines, and the fibers shrink and twist together some amount depending on their thickness and weight. The textile dries as it goes through the tentering pocess, where it is stretched across its width and the fibers relax and become more smooth. Through these processes the textile shrinks and stretches in length and width multiple times, with final dimensions that may not be the same as when it started

Some textiles are a bit more stable than others; woven textiles tend to be more stable than knits and conventional cotton is more stable than organic cotton. This means that the "original" shape of the textile is a bit hard to define, and the measuring tolerance can vary between textiles and orders.

Planning Tolerances

The amount of tolerance which you plan has been measured for each material we offer - in Pattern Designer under Description, with a short description, as well as an overview of all our fabrics under Information/ Fabrics & Prices.

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