How about copyrights of stuff I've found online?

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Anything that you can draw or dream up you can print on textile- give your creative side free reign!

The problem comes when you want to print copyrighted characters like Hello Kitty or Snoopy, or arworks or designs by other people. For this reason we always ask if you are the author or holder of the copyright of every new design that gets uploaded. You can place your order with us and offer your designs to others only as long as they are not in violation of these copyrights.

The temptation is strong, but the best rule of thumb is to stay well away from:

  • Pictures from the internet: they are probably not "homeless" and therefore can't be freely reproduced
  • Sport Team Logos: Sports teams make money from merchandising (products in team colors/ with the team logo) and own and protect them legally. Don't print team logos without the proper permission
  • Brands: Brands take their logos very seriously. From Apple to the infamous 3 stripes on sports products, these graphics are carefully protected and shouldn't be printed
  • Cartoon Characters: As with sportsteams, the merchandising of cartoon characters is a big source of income for the hoders of the copyright. Without the correct permission (licensing) one is not allowed to reproduce these characters. The asian Manga and Cosplay cultures are slightly different and grow and develop, in part, through the participation and interaction of its fans. However, if in doubt, better play it safe and leave it alone unless you have permission.
  • Old textile patterns: Even textile patterns were drawn by an artist at some point and are protected for a period of time under copyright law. During this time the company or designer hold the rights of use. Owning a piece of textile with a certain pattern is not the same as owning the pattern itself.
  • Postcards & Wrapping Paper: just as with old textile, the owner of the object (postcar, wrapping paper, etc) is not necessarily the owner of the rights of the design.


The short version: If you didn't make it better leave it and come up with something of your own!

Last update on 2018-11-25 by Ellie Mutchler.