Where does stoff'n print?

we print in Germany

Your fabric ist made in Germany - stoff'n prints here. Since 1012 we cooperate with industrial partners to print your custom designs with industrial standards.


We believe in the social benefit of local businesses. Even though this is a webshop. We are a small German business. Producing locally means cooperating locally, keeping jobs here instead of exporting the work to low income countries. Trying to save money by importing cheep products, means denying the work and value our neighbours but also comes with the risk of supporting inhuman working contitions. We don't want that.

Respect for Creativity

Another aspect is the protection of your designs. We believe that creativity is a unique value and should be treated with respect. We share those values with our partners. Too often we've seen designers struggle, when suddenly variants of there designs we sold without permission and sometimes on a rediculous price level. We don't want to risk your creativity been exploited.

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