Product »Phoenix © Dessineo | Organic Cotton Sateen (width ≈1.50m)«

Phoenix © Dessineo  | Organic Cotton Sateen (width ≈1.50m)
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Theme: #117094 (© Dessineo)
Rights: For commercial use, too
Material: Cotton Sateen 125g (Organic)
Size: Running Meter (145 cm width)
Arrangement: repeated
Scaling: 50%

Cotton Sateen 125g (Organic)
100% Organic Cotton
Washable up to 60°, Iron 3, Do not bleach, Do not dry

Nähidee: Tunika Nähidee: Morgens aufstehen wie Phoenix aus der Asche im besten Morgenmantel der Welt Nähidee: Bestes Männeraccessoire ist guter Stil

The displayed colours may deviate from the actual fabric.